Rachael Beaton -  Altavista High School 


    For my GIS project, I chose to map out my parents business, Laurelton Greenhouses. Located in Northern Pttslyvania County on the shores of Leesville Lake between Altavista and Gretna. For the project, I collected data points with the GPS for all of the greenhouses, all of the accessory buildings, other significant landmarks and all a grid of the sprinklers in one of the fields. Then I entered the data into ArcView to make the GIS images shown below.All of the buildings have an associated table that gives information about what is stored in the buildings.

    The points are slightly skewed on some of the buildings, which is due to the loss and gain of satellites as I wandered the fields. There are 7 greenhouses, each containing different materials and different plants during any given growing season. Other useful items are stored in the sheds and barns on the property. There is also a sub pond for irrigation that is feed by a larger reserve and that feeds the entirety of fields and greenhouses.