GIS Lab Calendar





Objectives – Students will be able to …


  • Introduction to GIS
  • Demonstration of basic ArcView navigation
  • Work through tutorials in “Getting to Know GIS”
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
    • Chapter 8
  • state an overview of what a GIS is a what some of the possibilities are
  • work with ArcView projects
  • work with ArcView views
  • work with ArcView themes
  • work with ArcView tables
  • work with ArcView charts


  • Complete the ArcView skill check #1 – “Using an ArvView GIS to answer specific questions”
  • Introduction to GPS (Lecture)
  • Work through Web tutorial on how to use the Garmin eTrex Legend GPS
  • Practice entering waypoints, obtaining lat/long, and navigating
  • Look for  Bib articles to read.  One article may be from ArcUser.  The other must be from a journal.  Sign-up for articles for your literature review.
  • Start generating ideas for project
  • demonstrate their ability to use ArcView
  • state an overview of what a GPS is and how they work
  • use a GPS to navigate and gather lat/long data


  • 1st Annotated Bib Due at the beginning of class.
  • Import a comma delimited file into ArcView
  • Complete the ArcView skill check #2
  • (Assessment of ArcView and GPS basics)
  • create shape files using point and polygon feature data sources
  • state several areas of interest for a project


  • 2nd Annotated Bib Due at the beginning of class.
  • Quiz on GIS with ArcView and GPS basics
  • Work on project – turn in initial files for your ArcView project, including data sources
  • demonstrate their ability to navigate with a GPS


  • Finish and turn in project
  • Turn in resource notebook
  • (Assessment of GIS/GPS skills)