The instructors provide an outline of competencies, reading assignments, etc. for each laboratory. Student evaluation in for a 6-week period is based on the following requirements:

  1. Write literature reviews for two relevant articles from scientific journals. 
  2. Pass a quiz covering the terminology relating to the laboratory, as well as the theory and applications of the technologies used in the laboratory.
  3. Pass lab skill checks for necessary skills to use specialized laboratory equipment.
  4. Complete a project utilizing the equipment in the laboratory.
  5. Complete session and weekly activity reports for each session.

At the beginning of each Friday session, each individual or group will plan its activities filling out the session activity report. At the end of the session, the session activity report is reviewed, making any changes or comments. The week activity report is completed with details concerning what each group member plans to be doing during the week on the project. Then the report is posted in the designated area. The session/weekly activity reports are used for individual assessment of students in skill checks and the project.