DNA Resources University Websites

The website contains information on publications, research, workshops, education, and bioethics.

This is a website produced by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln which gives the viewer a basic overview of DNA and why it is the basic molecule of inheritance.

This collection of sites describes current investigations in regions such as molecular biology, proteome informatics, genome sequencing, and gene expression profiles.

This website, which was created as a project at the University of Washington, is useful in obtaining basic information on the structure and function of DNA as it relates to DNA fingerprinting.

Harvard University's Biotechnology and Globalization subprogram examines the involvement of agricultural biotechnology into the global economy and provides information on the implications of biotechnology for development.  

This website contains a research article discussing heart specific genes and EST sampling

This website is about wildlife forensics DNA in a laboratory at Trent University.  Includes analysis of DNA of various animals.