CAD Lab Calendar




  • Go through chapters 1 - 3 in tutorial. Complete one drawing from the exercises at the end of each chapter. You do not have to put the measurements(demensions) on these drawings. Save these drawings in the following folder n:\srsem\CAD\yourname.
  • Begin reading assignment


  • Turn in assignment in Basic Blueprint Reading and Sketching - due on arrival to class

  • Work through Chapters 4 - 6 in tutorial. Do one drawing from the exercises in Chapter 4. Include dimensions in the drawings you did from Chapters 3 and 4. Save all drawings in a folder with your name in n:\srsem\cad.

  • Look for Lit. Review  articles to read, check online or bookshelf in Robotics room.

Cadalyst Online magazine - Jan. 2006

Cadalyst Online Magazine - Feb. 2006

Cadalyst Online Magazine - March 2006

Cadalyst Online Magazine - April 2006

Cadalyst Online Magazine - October 2006



  • Obtain an object from your friendly instructor to draw to show your skills in CAD, print (will meet as a group on this) and save this drawing

  • Look for a second Lit. Review article

  • Check our project ideas and begin planning your individual project


  • Quiz on Readings - 8:00

  • 2nd Literature Review article due on arrival to class

  • Get skills checked off by your friendly instructor.

  • Get project idea approved and begin work.

  • Be sure you save your project in n:\SrSem\Cad folder with your name


  • Work to finish project

  • Turn in a printout of final project

  • Save final project to n:\SrSem\Cad folder with your name

  • If there are 6 fridays continue working on project and only turn in project as it is at the end of today.