Senior Seminar

Desktop Publishing 

Laboratory Guidelines


The laser printer has brought the concept of desktop publishing to the forefront in recent years. Many corporations find the print quality of these printers is acceptable for their publications. Savings result from being able to eliminate external printing costs and from being able to produce documents more quickly. Students can explore the world of desktop publishing using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop software, a laser printer, a scanner and a digital camera.

The laboratory is exploratory in nature with students using the software, tutorials, manuals and other reading materials to discover the basic concepts related to desktop publishing. The students are allowed to use their creative ability to design a publication of their own. During the 4th six weeks a school yearbook is being created where students will participate in various related tasks in publishing a CD containing the CVGS Yearbook. Upon completion of the laboratory, students should be able to:

  • define terms related to desktop publishing
  • design, produce and print a publication using InDesign
  • scan a graphic for publication
  • edit graphics for publication
  • take a photograph with a digital camera for a publication