Here are some WEB QUEST activities to familiarize you with microscopy.
Hopefully you'll have some fun with them as well as learn something. :)

MIDDLE SCHOOL ACTIVITY created by Ruth Mann and Laura McCann Class of 2006

Museum of Microscopy - created by Brooke Greene and Justin Toler Class of 2000

The World of Electron Microscopy - INSTRUCTIONS - created by John Friar, Justin Lugar and Allison Wiley Class of 2000

The World of Electron Microscopy - links you to a new world!!

World of Microscopy Search - A chance to try your skills at identifying EM pictures. Designed by Elizabeth Sandman and Stefanie Erb, programmed by Megan Olsen, all from the Class of 2001!!

Where's Waldo... the SEM Beaver - Find the beaver and learn about how it was made and how its size is determined!

FUN WITH MAGNIFICATION!!! - Learn about how size is used in electron microscopy!

You will need Acrobat reader to access some of these lessons:



Updated by Ruth Mann and Laura McCann (2006)

Directed by Dr. Cheryl Lindeman

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