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Identify the following SEM/TEM micrographs from the choices given.
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a) fruit beetle
b) bean weevil
c) baby ant
d) hibernating mite

a) flying ant
b) baby grasshopper
c) bed bug
d) lightening bug

a) blood on a band-aid
b) moldy cheerio
c) grass blade
d) bee hive

a) lizard tail
b) mold on a noodle
c) damaged vein
d) dandruff on hair

a) spider web
b) nerve network
c) fungus
d) brain tumor cells

a) bread yeast
b) atom
c) pollen
d) honey droplet

a) bubble
b) raison skin
c) human egg and sperm
d) fingernail

a) sun burn on skin
b) peach fuzz
c) computer chip
d) fruit fly eye

a) brain network
b) foot fungus
c) blood
d) flower veins

a) honey bee stinger
b) tip of a rat tail
c) cactus
d) porcupine spine

a) beetle
b) spider
c) dust mite
d) grasshopper

a) flower petal
b) chemical reaction
c) spider web
d) spider silk secretion

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