Digital Laser Power Meter

Zero Adjustment

Cover the photodetector cell. Set the range selector to 20uW (lowest scale). Slide the power switch to "ON." If the display does not read zero, reset the display by rotating the "Zero Adjust" knob on the front panel.

Operating Precautions

Never measure the output of any light source until it is known to be 20mW or less. Extremely high intensity sources can damage the silicon photodetector. Always begin readings at the highest range. Turn the meter off when not in use.

Making Measurements

Set the range selector to 20mW (highest scale). Place the detector cell within tthe beam to be measured. Slide the power switch to "ON." If the reading is less than 1.99, rotate the range selector clockwise to successively lower scales until a suitable reading is attained. If the input exceeds the capability of any range, the meter will indicate "1" and the numerals in decimal places will not appear.


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