The equipment used in this lab includes a Newport Vibration Isolated Workstation, two Uniphase Model 1325P 10mW Helium-Neon lasers, two kits of optics and mounts, and photographic developing equipment located in the darkroom in GS-108. The laser used to produce the holograms is an expensive piece of equipment. Read and carefully follow the instructions for its operation. Optics left on the table must be covered with Zip-Lock bags to protect them when not in use. Before leaving the holography lab at the end of a session, make sure the darkroom and holography doors are shut. Students must be sure all the equipment is back in the kits and in its proper place at the end of the six weeks. Any missing equipment will be the responsibility of the students.



Contrary to popular belief, all lasers are not death weapons, but at the same time they are also not to be mistaken for toys or childrens play things. Before using a laser safety must be observed.  The CVGS lasers are class IIIb lasers. DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE LASER BEAM! Looking directly into the beam could possibly damage the retina in your eye.  To prevent the possibility of looking into a laser NEVER bend down next to the table to look at the laser.  The lasers can be observed easily in the dark and there is no need to bend down to the table. 

The door to the holography lab should be keep almost closed to avoid any stray laser beams entering the adjoining physics lab.
The holographic film must only be opened in the presence of a green safe light. All other room lights must be off and the door to the holography lab must be completely closed. Any other source of light will expose and ruin the film. 

The chemicals used to develop the holographic film are similar to those used in general photography. Students need to protect their clothing and wash off any chemical which get on the skin. Goggles must be worn when working with chemicals in the darkroom. The ventilation fan in the darkroom must also be operating when working with the chemicals.

After you have read lab safety rules in your notebooks, sign and turn in the lab safety agreement.