Study Questions

1. After reviewing the microbiology slide set, what are the important differences in bacteria structure?  

2. What do the following terms mean to a microbiologist? 

  • aseptic technique

  • pure culture

  • sterilization

  • Millipore Filter

  • coliforms

  • media

  • transfer techniques

  • incubation

  • streak plate

  • inoculate

  • TNTC

3. How do you set up a dilution series?

4. Why should we be concerned about coliforms and fecal coliforms in water?

5. How do you collect a water sample for the Millipore Filter Analysis?

6. Why is the Millipore Filter and efficient way to trap organisms?

7. Why is gram staining an important technique to learn in a micro lab?

8. Summarize the important safety concerns in a micro lab.

9. Describe the action of the T4 phage with its host bacteria.

For Help, look in

  • Introduction to Microbiology, Chapter 3

  • "Millipore Samplers and Swab Test Kits for Microbiological Analyses and Sanitation Monitoring" pamphlet

  • "Working with DNA and Bacteria in Precollege Science Classrooms," especially the blue section on safety