Study Questions                                                                        


1) What is High speed photography and strobe photography? How are they different?


2) What are the three most common type of triggers used to fire the flash units?


3) Describe how the flash triggers in #2 work.


4) What is an SCR and what are its two functions in a trigger circuit?


5) What factors affect the time delay between the event and discharge of the flash?


6) What type of flash trigger is best for each event listed below? Explain your choice.


7) What is the purpose of a delay circuit?


8) Describe how the camera will be used in conjunction with the flash triggering system to take a high-speed photograph.


9) How is correct exposure determined for a high-speed photograph?


10) How is high-speed photography being used in current research? Give me at least one example of a practical application of high-speed photography.


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