Terms to Know


Industrial Robot (definition from Rhobotics Industries Assoc.)
A reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move materials, parts, tools, or specialized devices through variable programmed motions to perform a variety of tasks.

End Effector
Tool at the end of a robots arm. A Gripper is one type of hand device. Rhino has a Gripper as an End Effector.

Work Envelope
The entire are that can be reached by the robot.

Work Cell
The entire area containig items that interact with the robot as the tasks are performed.

Servo Motors
A small electric motor. Some examples of servo systems are the power steering system and the cruise control in a car. Rhino's motors are servo motors that use incremental encoders to determine speed and distance.

Flat platform device for placing items to package for shipment.

Axes, Degrees of Freedom
Joints that the robot has to allow movement in different directions. Rhino has the following joints, waist, shoulder, elbow, and wrist


The maximum load the robotic arm can handle effectively. Rhino has a very low payload amount.(Ping Pong balls are light.)


The ability of the robot to return its manipulator to a particular specified point. Measured in millimeters or inches.


Teach Pendant
The hand held unit that allows you to control Rhino, in general any hand held device used to position a robotic arm. The position can then be stored in a computer and used in a program to control the robots actions.