Senior Seminar

Video Production

Laboratory Guidelines


The availability of low cost camcorders, video editing software and YouTube allows anyone to generate videos for family, fun, education, politics, business, etc. Video production is an ubiquitous part of our global society. Students can explore the world of Video Production using Apple iMovie and Final Cut Express, Flip and Canon video cameras and IMac computers.

The laboratory is exploratory in nature with students using the software, tutorials, manuals and other reading materials to discover the basic concepts related to video production. The students are allowed to use their creative ability to design a video of their own. Upon completion of the laboratory, students should be able to:

  • define terms related to video production
  • capture videos using good composition and a variety of shots
  • use iMovie to combine clips into movies with pictures and titles
  • use iMovie to add background sound and voice overs to movies
  • use Final Cut Express to generate "keyed" (green screen) clips for movies
  • plan, design and produce a compelling movie that conveys to the viewer a clear understanding of the project's main theme