All CVGS students have the capability of making a statement through a video that will be of benefit to society. There are so many problems, issues, dangers, causes, projects, etc. that you could choose to focus on that would benefit your audience. There are also different formats you could choose including a short 1-3 minute informative video to post to YouTube, or a 4-5 minute educational video for elementary, middle or high schools students or a even a highly polished 20 second spot for TV.

It is the hope of the instructor that students in the CVGS Video Production Lab will choose to produce a video for their project that is worthwhile and does benifit our global society!

A lot of flexibility is built into the grading rubric for your final video project to allow you to do different types of videos where the central theme dictates the length, shot selection, music, etc. Note that the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. The goal is a short, compelling, informative, face paced video that grabs and keeps the audience's attention.