Guide for calculating the Mean, Median, and Mode on the TI-83

1. Put the data for the activity into a list, (L1).

2. Press and the list menu will appear. Press and confirm that MATH is highlighted on the top row. Scroll down using the key until you reach choice 3: mean. Press the button.

3. Enter the lists containing the data with the keys , and close the parenthesis. Then press the key.

4. The value that results is the arithmetic average of all of the values in the list.

5. To calculate the median, follow the steps above, changing only the selection in the list menu from 3: mean to 4: median. The TI-83 is unable to calculate the mode.

Original work on this document was done by Central Virginia Governor's School student Christian Neeley (Class of '98).

Copyright © 1997 Central Virginia Governor's School for Science and Technology Lynchburg, VA