Guide for performing an ANOVA in Excel

1. Open your data file in Excel.

2. From the Data tab, select Data Analysis.

3. Scroll down until you see ANOVA: Single Factor; highlight it, then click on OK.

Using the mouse, highlight the cells containing the data for all of the samples. After they have been selected, click the circle that describes how the data is organized, by rows or columns.

In the section labeled "Output Options", click on the circle beside output range; then click in the box beside it. Using the mouse, select a cell on your worksheet into which you would like the results to be placed. Click OK to continue.

The results of the ANOVA will appear in the designated range. There is a significant difference between at least one pair of the sample means if the F statistic is greater than the F critical value or P is less than the a level you have set.

Original work on this document was done by Central Virginia Governor's School student Christian Neeley (Class of '98).

Copyright © 1997 Central Virginia Governor's School for Science and Technology Lynchburg, VA