Mean, Median, and Mode of the Blackwater Creek Data
Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Blackwater Creek activity. If you have not yet completed Part 1 of this activity please finish it before proceeding to Part 2.

In this activity, you will compare fecal coliform data collected on dry days and on days after it rained that was obtained in 1998-99 to data collected in 1997-98 and 1993-94. This analysis is important because the city has been installing the new sewer system since 1993. We want to find out if the work completed to date has made a difference in the fecal coliform concentrations in the creek on rainy days. Data from the different collection sites along Blackwater Creek are combined for both the Dry and Wet data. Therefore, you will be using the grand means for each group in your analysis.

Using the data set in Excel, calculate the grand mean of each year's study, wet and dry. Compare these values by generating a bar graph of the means.

1. Is there a trend shown by the graph?
2. What does this graph show about the new sewage system?

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