Mean and Standard Deviation of the Teacher salaries in 3 different regions

In this activity, you will be calculating the mean and standard deviation of teacher salaries data for 3 different regions located in the United States.  The standard deviation will tell us how far to the right or the left the teacher salaries are from the mean in the 3 different regions.

Using the data set in Excel, calculate the mean, median, and mode for the entire data set including the 3 separate regions. Then, calculate the standard deviation for the entire data set and the 3 different regions.

1. Comparing the 3 different regions, In which region would a teacher want to work in based on the mean value?
2. What does the standard deviation reveal about the teachers salary data?
3. In which region would the teacher salaries vary the most from the mean?
4. Which region has the most consistent salaries?

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