3-D Graphing Floral Activity

In this activity, you will generate 3-D bar graph for the the mean time it took to complete a pencil and paper maze while the subject wore either a scented mask or an unscented mask for all three trials. This activity is a follow up to the 2-D Floral Activity; if you have not completed that, please do so now. In order to more aptly visualize the full effect of the scented and unscented masks on the time it took to complete the maze, all three test trials should be inspected instead of just one. By adding a second and third trial, though, a second and third independent variable will be introduced. In order to view all of the variables, they must be incorporated into a 3-D graph. If you have not calculated the mean, median and mode for the data set, do that first so you will have the statistics you need to answer the questions below. Using Excel, generate a 3-D bar graph of the mean time it took to complete the maze for both the scented and unscented masks in two, and then all three trials.

This data exists in two files; one is in Excel Data format and one is in Text format.

How did the mean time for the completion of the maze change from the first to second trial? ... from the second to the third? What trends developed within each, the scented and unscented categories? What trends developed regarding the relationship between the two?

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