Scatterplot of the Old Faithful Geyser Data

In this activity, you will generate scatterplots for the durations of the Old Faithful geyser eruptions and the intervals between them. If you have not calculated the mean, median and mode for the data set, do that first so you will have the statistics you need to answer the questions below. Using Excel, generate a scatterplot of the day (x axis) verses eruption time (y axis) so you can "see" the data.

This data exists in Excel Data format.

Take a close look at the scatterplot. Is there anything surprising about the data that was not revealed by the mean, median and mode? Sometimes looking at the data visually reveals information that is not obvious from looking at simple descriptive statistics like the mean, median and mode.

Generate a scatterplot with the duration time as the variable on the x axis and the time interval between eruptions as the variable plotted on the y axis. Is there any relationship between the eruption duration and the eruption interval?

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