Correlation of Unemployment to College Enrollment

In this activity you will be performing a correlation analysis of college enrollment at University of New Mexico and unemployment data in the state of New Mexico to determine whether or not there is any statistical relationship between the two variables. The data was collected by University of New Mexico over a period of twenty-nine years, starting with 1961 and ending with 1989.
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Using the data set in Excel, perform a correlation analysis on the data to determine whether there is a statistical relationship between the enrollment and the unemployment rate.
Also, create a scatter plot of the data to help you visualize the correlation.

1. What is the r value of the correlation analysis?
2. Is the correlation positive or negative? 
3. Is there a strong relationship between enrollment and unemployment?
4. Should UNM base their enrollment expectations on the state's unemployment rate?


Original work on this document was done by Central Virginia Governor's School student Adam Nakama, Beau Frazier, and Adam Walthall (Class of '03).

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