Mrs. Shannon Beasley

Research and Anatomy & Physiology Instructor


  • Graduate of Amherst County High School; Go Lancers!

  • Graduated in 2002 from Sweet Briar College with a Bachelor's in Biology , where she conducted cancer and invasive species research

  • Conducted stem cell research at University of Pittsburgh/Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

  • Conducted Rheumatoid arthritis and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) research, and helped to start a lab at University of Virginia in the department of Rheumatology and Immunology

  • Master's of Science in Biology (emphasis in Cell and Developmental Biology). Conducted cell migration research with Douglas DeSimone in the Department of Cell Biology at UVA

  • Came to Governor's School in 2006

  • Continues to stay active in Women in Math and Science (WIMS) at UVA

  • Her favorite part about teaching research to juniors is watching them grow and become empowered in discovering that the world is their classroom, and that they can investigate, question, write, and share with others the things that they find to be interesting.  She also likes creating opportunities for students, via collaborations and research opportunities at the graduate level, to glean graduate level experiences.

  • Her favorite part about teaching Anatomy and Physiology is showcasing the complexity of the human body, and watching how fascinated and awed students are when studying various parts of it.  She also likes how the Lynchburg medical community and Lynchburg College Cadaver lab provide unique experiences and insights to her students that they would otherwise not have until much later in their education.


  • Favorite colors: all shades of blue

  • Pottery and Gardening

  • Italian Food and Culture

  • Favorite books: All three hunger games books, The Book Thief, Kitchen House, A Thousand Setting Suns, Kite Runner

  • Special Talents: Plays the guitar & drums, enjoys woodworking, and sewing.

  • Played soccer throughout high school and college as center forward

Family and Pets:

  • She has a loving mom and dad, three brothers, two sister-in-laws, and four beautiful nieces (and another one the way! :))

  • She met her husband, Robert, in grad school (UVA)

  • Her mother is her role model

  • She has 3 cats: Waffle, Pancake, and Raisin

  • Waffle was her first and he's five years old

  • Pancake and Raisin were in the same litter and are four years old

  • Waffle and Pancake are males, and Raisin is female

  • All three sit for treats and fetch

  • Raisin talks to crows ;-)