Mr. Steve Howard

Say Hello to the youngest members of the Howard family! 
August, 2000                    Halloween, 2000 
                                                             Is that really Daddy at work with Pooh and Tigger???

Laura and Steve Howard

Now that you've seen the Howards, I know you are just dying to find out more about us!




I am a mathematics/computer science instructor and Information Technology department at the Central Virginia Governor's School in Lynchburg, VA. I teach dual enrollment Calculus I and II as well as our  dual enrollment Computer Science course (currently using Python). I also teach our robotics and ipad applications technology labs. I am a member of the Mathematical Association of America.


My lovely bride is currently managing our home and working part-time; she can often be found helping out here at the Governor's School as well!






Hobbies and Interests

I stay way too busy for my own good. On the music front, I enjoy playing bass at a variety of places. Both Laura and I are very involved with a local theater group The Cherry Tree Players. The majority of shows are Off-Broadway musical comedies. I'm usually in the pit and Laura is wowing audiences with her vocal and acting talents. Our church, Centenary United Methodist Church, has a contemporary worship/praise service for which there is a band. Yes, Laura and I are part of the team there. I also have a jazz quartet in which Laura sings. It's great to have a hobby that you can do with your wife. I also will play with anyone who calls ... yes I'll play any type of music! Laura shares her vocal gift with many people. She sings in multiple choirs along with her theater.

If that isn't enough, I am a partner in a sound business (HH Audio). Yes, one of the H's is mine. So if I'm not out making music, I'm mixing it!  We regularly provide audio services for high school theater productions throughout the region, and often I am the voice that asks you to please turn off your cell phones and refrain from photography or videography of any kind!

On the sports front, I love playing golf and occasionally a little softball!