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Dear CVGS Alumni,

This is the 30th year of the Governor's School (formerly the magnet school), and we hope you will be able to be part of the celebration and the planning for the next 30 years!

You have several opportunities to participate in the fun this year.  Click on the 30th anniversary logo at the bottom of our main page to learn more about the black tie optional gala on May 30, 2015, our 5-year pledge campaign, and the new Governor's School which will open in the fall of 2016!  We hope to have every class recognized on the Foundation Donor Recognition Wall which will be installed in our new facility--you can get an animated preview of the new facility, and the Donor Recognition Wall, by clicking on the New Facility link in the menu to the left on the 30th anniversary logo page.  Remember, every $100 ticket purchased for the gala results in a $50 donation to the Foundation in honor of your graduating class!

You are also invited to join our FaceBook group and leave a comment about your Governor's School experience.  Some of these comments will be incorporated in a special video which will be premiered at our 30th anniversary gala, and we hope you will be a part of this special project.  Suggestions for topics you might wish to address in your comments, to help form themes for the video, are listed below this message.  We also hope you share photos in your comments, as we need more for the albums we posted...especially from the pre-2000 years!

Onward and upward to the next 30 years!

Steve Smith, Director, CVGS

Comment Suggestions:
1. Please state your name, CVGS graduating year, and your current occupation/position.
2. What makes/made CVGS unique from your home high school experience?
3. How are Gov School classes different in content?
4. What unique technologies did you use at CVGS?
5. Describe your most memorable moment from your time at CVGS.
6. How has the CVGS program influenced you as a person?
7. What skills from CVGS have you been able to apply since graduation?
8. How did CVGS help prepare you for your transition into college/your career?
9. How has this program influenced the surrounding Lynchburg community?
10. Describe CVGS in a few sentences


Thanks again for your contribution!

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The Central Virginia Governor’s School has been a provider of volunteer opportunities for graduates since 1987.  Volunteers are able to choose from a wide array of opportunities.  Our alumni participate in the annual bridge building competition, serve as mentors in the internship program,mentors for research projects, arrange for special visits, provide valuable input on both the Foundation and Industrial Advisory boards, act as judges and evaluators for science fair competitions and symposia, and have even been called upon to provide public oratory on special occasions.  If you are interested and able to do so, we invite you to explore your school and consider donating your time and energy to making it a better place.   ~ Jaime Sigler, M.S. Class of 1988, The Babcock & Wilcox Company, CVGS Industrial Advisory Board Member

If you are a CVGS alumni and are interested in serving as a volunteer, please contact Mr. Scott Douglas at sdouglass@cvgs.k12.va.us or 434.477.5980