Yeast Projects

Yeast is an interesting organism when used in a research setting. Many students choose to work with yeast because it is easy to work with and there are many ways to develop projects using yeast. Below are two samples of yeast projects that utilize the features of ImageJ to collect data.


Measuring Zones of Inhibition

First you need to set the scale on the picture by first making a line on an object of known length. Then you click Analyze and go to Set Scale and fill in the known information as displayed below.

Next, you use the line tool to trace the distance for the zone of inhibition. Click Analyze and then Measure to show the Results window.


Colony Counting

First, you will turn the picture into black and white. Do this by clicking Process and then Binary. Then click either Make Binary or Threshhold.

Outline the area you want counted using either the circle tool or the freehand tool. Then you will click Analyze and Analyze Particles. Check Display Results, Clear Tables, and Summarize.