Connections In Mathematics - Individual Mini-Project

Due October 6 at the beginning of class!

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1.  If you bet a "trifecta" at a horse race, then you are choosing the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place horses.  If the race has 10 horses in it, how many possible trifectas are there?


2.  A lot of 50 items from a manufacturing process is know to contain 20 defective items and 30 nondefective.  If a sample of 10 items is selected at random, what is the probability that:

a) the sample has 6 defective and 4 nondefective items?

b) the sample has no defective items?

c) the sample has at least one defective item?


3. Go to this Virginia Lottery link for the Cash 5 game probabilities.  (  On this page you will find the rules for the game and the chances (probability) of winning (they are referring to the probability of winning as "odds of winning").  Using your knowledge of probability and combinatorics, verify their published "chances of winning" the jackpot.