Instructor:  Mr. Steve Howard (


Course Description:

This project-based course provides students with introductory experiences in (1st semester) symbolic logic, graph theory, fractal geometry and probability; (2nd semester) mathematics of finance, statistics, differential and integral calculus, separable differential equations and population modeling.  Emphasis is placed on conceptual understanding, solving real world applications, increased use of technology (spreadsheets, computer algebra system) and fostering mathematical reasoning and communication.


Course Materials:

The text for this course will be “The Nature of Mathematics”, 10 th ed., by Smith ; “Using and Understanding Mathematics” by Bennett and Briggs, “Chaos, Fractals and Dynamics – Computer Experiments in Mathematics” by Devaney, "Calculus", third edition by Larson and Hostetler, "Elementary Statistics", fourth edition by Triola.  You will be responsible for any text while it is in your possession.  A damaged text will be repaired at the student's expense.  We will be using the software Derive, by Soft Warehouse, the spreadsheet Microsoft Excel and a graphing calculator.