Fractal Geometry Project


  1. Find the roots (complex and real) of the complex valued function f(z) = z3 8.  You may use Derive
  2. Derive the formula for applying Newton s Method to approximate a root of f(z) using an initial guess z0 = x0 + y0i.  ( Newton s Method: zn+1 = zn f(zn)/f (zn))
  3. Substitute this formula, broken up into its real and imaginary parts, into the program cuberoot.bas (can be found at n:\connections\cubicroot.bas)
  4. Run the program to generate the fractal.
  5. Save your program in your student directory, named N:\yourdirectory\yourlastname.bas


Turn in written work for parts 1 and 2.


Project is due Friday, Dec 19, 2008 at 10:10 am