At the end of the semester, students will have an understanding of the concepts and techniques listed below.  This understanding will be enhanced through directed group and individual computer exercises and group and individual projects.  The computer algebra system Derive, the spreadsheet Excel and the graphing calculator make it possible to explore non-routine problems and applications.  In some instances, students will be allowed to write their own code in the programming language of their choice instead of, or in conjunction with, the other software. 


At the end of the semester, the student will be able to:  

.. use Derive to solve equations and systems of equations, graph functions and perform calculus operations

.. use Microsoft Excel to numerically investigate data

.. understand and compute simple interest

.. understand and compute compound interest

.. apply compound interest to population and inflation applications

.. find effective (annual) yield

.. understand what stocks, mutual funds are and find average annual returns

.. understand annuities and find present and future value

.. understand and apply the concepts of mean and median

.. understand and apply the concepts of variance and standard deviation

.. understand and apply the concept of the line of least regression (complete with correlation coefficients, standard error and prediction intervals)

.. understand the concepts of average and instantaneous rates of change

.. perform elementary differentiation

.. state why the derivative is important

.. apply differential calculus to solve optimization problems

.. perform elementary integration

.. solve ordinary differential equations algebraically

.. solve ordinary differential equations numerically using Euler's Method