Instructor  Dr. Charlie Jones (

Course Materials  
Textbook:   Precalculus: Enhanced with Graphing Utilities, 5th ed. by Michael Sullivan & Michael Sullivan III. 
We will also use graphing calculators and computer software.

Course Description  
Math Analysis is a pre-calculus course that includes an in-depth conceptual analysis of algebraic, polynomial, rational, logarithmic, exponential, and trigonometric functions.  Topics include graphical behavior, domains and ranges, roots (real & complex), turning points using the first derivative, graphing (using transformations with and without a graphing calculator), application problem solving and data analysis (using introductory statistics, given data, and data gathered in laboratory activities), and an introduction to integration.  Parametric equations are presented with a focus on applications and conceptual analysis.  Analysis includes required algebraic proofs and/or conceptual explanations in all written and oral presentations.  Graphing calculators, spreadsheets, and a computer algebra system are used extensively.  The study of matrices is included and optional topics include an introduction to sequences and series.