Rubric for grading math analysis homework and test problems


Prob 1

Prob 2

Prob 3

Prob 4

Prob 5















Methodology Description






Methodology Execution






Result accuracy












 Preliminaries -- should include clear presentation of all appropriate problem-solving preliminaries, such as diagrams, charts, tables, restatement of problem, assignment of algebraic variables, etc.

            3            all appropriate prelims are clearly done and concisely explained.

2          almost all prelims clearly done; all prelims done, but unclear presentation; or all prelims clearly done, but too much extra unnecessary work.

1          almost all prelims, but unclear; almost all prelims, but too much unnecessary work; or modest amount of prelims

0          little appropriate prelims shown

 Methodology Description -- equations, formulas,  and/or technique description.  Also justification as appropriate.

            2            concise description of a valid technique and appropriate justification

            1            description of a valid technique, lacking conciseness or justification; or  invalid, but reasonable, technique properly presented

            0            inappropriate technique or inadequate description

 Methodology Execution -- algebraic technique, computer/calculator work, etc.

            3            valid work clearly shown

            2            valid work, except for a minor mistake or two, clearly shown

            1            some valid work clearly shown, but major mistake(s) present; or work poorly shown

            0            little work shown or of unacceptable quality

  Result Accuracy

            2            accurate answer clearly displayed

            1            inaccurate answer displayed, but with clear explanation of why its inaccurate; or
  accurate answer clearly displayed, but mistakenly labeled as incorrect.

            0            inaccurate, missing, or unclear answer

 Late Factor  --  multiplicative factor to penalize late papers.

            1.0            on time -- the beginning of the period on due date.

            0.8            late same day -- anytime on due date later than the beginning of the period.

            0.6            next day

            0.3            2 days late

            0.0            more than 2 days late