Class Methodology (and Expectations):

A typical class will consist of 25 minutes of lecture (including discussion and question answering) supplemented  by an extended period of group work during which the students should solidify their understanding of the concepts, identify remaining questions about the concepts, work examples, and start homework assignments.  Some specific expectations follow.

  1. I expect you to learn the material thoroughly.  Through the brief lectures and individual meetings, I will try to facilitate your learning, but ultimately, you must actively take responsibility for your learning.  Please work with the other members of the class.
  2. I expect you to participate in each class meeting.  During the lecture portion, be attentive, ask questions, and provide answers to questions posed by your classmates and myself.  Work cooperatively with your classmates during the independent portion.
  3. I expect you to work diligently on each homework assignment.  Working on these problems is the most important part of the course.  Please see the attached sheet for the assignments and homework rules.
  4. I expect you to carefully read the textbook.  During lecture, I will address major ideas and some examples, but there will be topics and examples you should learn from the textbook.  You will often have to creatively solve problems based on your knowledge of the concepts.  This expectation of creative problem solving is typical of a challenging college mathematics course.
  5. I expect you to take the midterm exams as scheduled.  If you need to miss an exam, you must make arrangements in advance.  For policies concerning the final exam, please refer to the CVGS Student Handbook.