Students are to sign in and out on an attendance sheet each Friday. Since most of the work is hands on activities, attendance and being on time are extremely important factors in determining success. Students are allowed one excused tardy per six weeks. One point is deducted from a student's final six-weeks grade for each unexcused absence and each unexcused tardy. Please note that your Math/Tech Lab is considered part of Senior Seminar. Unexcused tardiness and absences to Math/Tech Lab will be deducted from the student’s Senior Seminar grade.

Students must make up any work missed during an absence. Any work due the day the student was absent is due the next day the student returns to school. Long term projects are still due as scheduled. Work turned in more than one week late will not be graded.

Proper Use of Math/Tech Lab Time:

Students are given the freedom and opportunity to work on projects or assignments of their choosing in many different locations in the CVGS building during their assigned Math/Tech Lab time. This time should be used for working on Senior Seminar or other CVGS course projects and assignments, getting help or advice from staff members or other CVGS students, or, if time permits, working on other academic assignments. Improper use of Math/Tech time includes, but is not limited to such activities as playing computer games, watching TV, sleeping, and too much socializing.

One point will be deducted from a student's Senior Seminar six-week grade each time a student is reprimanded for improper use of Math/Tech Lab time. Staff members will confront the student at the time indicating that they are not making proper use of assigned Math/Tech time. The staff member will then direct the student to a designated area where he/she can be supervised and guided in proper use of Math/tech time.

Students with any six-week course grades below a B must report to the designated area where he/she can be supervised and guided in proper use of Math/Tech time until six-weeks grades improve.