Hello! My name is Jenna Casebolt, and as a relatively new driver (whose parents make her pay for her own gas) I have been a frequent visitor to gas stations. Through my travels over and about Lynchburg and its surrounding counties, I have noticed the number of Sheetz in the area has increased dramatically in the last two years. First we had zero Sheetz stations, and then -POOF-we have four. 

    In order to document this phenomenon I drove to the four Sheetz in the Lynchburg area and recorded their location using a handy gadget of modern technology, a Global Positioning System (GPS). This information, as well as the stores' addresses, phone and fax numbers, store numbers, and gas prices went into a computer program called ArcView GIS 3.2a. The layout you see below was created using ArcView.

Store No. XCoord YCoord Address Phone Fax Unleaded 87 Plus 89 Super 93 Kerosene
261 -79.30801 37.30560 12259 East Lynchburg-Salem Turnpike 434-534-9405 4343-534-9407   $1.29/gallon   $1.36/gallon $1.43/gallon $1.49/gallon
265 -79.19083 37.32535 14480 Wards Road 434-832-1416 434-832-1418 $1.29/gallon $1.36/gallon $1.43/gallon $1.49/gallon
271 -79.22887 37.39646 2630 Lakeside Drive 434-316-5357 434-319-9436 $1.29/gallon $1.36/gallon $1.43/gallon $1.49/gallon
272 -79.11869 37.46616 4089 S Amherst Highway 434-929-2222 434-929-6492 $1.29/gallon $1.36/gallon $1.43/gallon $1.49/gallon