The Phenomenon of....

By: Christina Grace Redgate

    Hello friends. I am Christina Grace Redgate, and this is my GIS project. I went to four McDonald's restaurants in Lynchburg City, Bedford County, and Campbell County and collected data about the price of a hamburger Happy Meal at each one, the hours of each store, whether or not it had the famous McDonald's Playplace, the address, and the latitude and longitude coordinates of each store using a Global Positioning System (GPS). I then put all of this information into the ArcView computer program on a map of the three counties, and SUCCESS, my project was completed. The points of each McDonald's that I visited, and their addresses are shown below in the map of the counties.



Here is a table of the actual data that I collected at each McDonald's:

Address X-Coordinates Y-Coordinates Hours Playplace? Price of a Hamburger Happy Meal
2135 Wards Rd. -79.19 37.35 Open 24 Hours Yes $2.49
Graves Mill Shopping Center -79.25 37.38 6AM-11PM Yes $2.49
9123 Timberlake Rd. -79.24294 37.33447 6AM-10:30PM Yes $2.39
3108 Old Forest Rd. -79.2086 37.41506 6AM-11PM Yes $2.49


Mmmmm... how about a hamburger?