Sample Activity Checklist Page


Session # Activity Checklist for _______________________________


q    Update last week’s Session Activity Report.  Each person needs to note what he/she did during the week!  Start a new Session Activity Report for this week.

q    Show evidence of completed items from last week’s checklist.

q    Using the Garmin Etrex Legend GPS, work through the “Quick Start Guide” paying special attention to the “Basic Navigation” section.  As a group, edit the web page that will serve as a tutorial for navigation using this GPS using actual data points on campus.

q    SKILL CHECK #1: Complete the CVGS GPS Skills Course.  Each of you will have a different course to navigate.  Turn in your completed course page to Mr. Howard (I will be out there with you)

q    SKILL CHECK #2: Using the shape file c:\esri\esridata\usa\states.shp, create a project that uses the graduated color theme to color the states in a meaningful way.  Also create a theme where a bar graph appears for each state that meaningfully compares two data fields.  Your GIS must be a meaningful one.  Coloring the states different colors because they have different names is not meaningful.  You may NOT use population as the data field for gradient color.  If you have questions, see me.  Save your project to your student folder by creating a folder named GIS and naming the project skill1yourlastname.

q    Sign up for articles for your lit review.  Everyone should have different articles.  Do not take the magazines from this building.  See the instructions for Annotated Bibliographies in your notebook.  These bibs are due at the beginning of class next Friday.

q    At the end of the day TODAY, write down and turn in possible project ideas which use a GIS and/or GPS.

q    Anything not completed this session should be completed during the week and listed under the “Weekly Activity Report”.

Turn in this Activity Checklist to Mr. Howard before you leave TODAY