Welcome to the CVGS GPS tutorial.  This tutorial will instruct you in the use of the Garmin Etrex Legend GPS handhelds used in the CVGS GIS technology seminar.


1) Basic functions of the GPS.

2) How to set waypoints

3) Provide some coordinates on Heritage

4) Give instructions on how to navigate to those waypoints using the GPS.


1.  Basic Functions of the GPS:

Click Stick:  The joystick on the front of the GPS.  Press in and release to enter highlighted options or confirm messages (like a mouse click).  Press in and hold for two seconds to mark current location as a waypoint.  Move it in some direction to navigate lists and menus.

Zoom In/Out Buttons:  Press and hold to Zoom in and out on the map page.  Press and hold on the Satellite Page to adjust the screen contrast.

Page Button:  Press and release to cycle through the main pages.

Starting up the GPS:  Press the power button.  Use the page button to skip the copyright screen.  The satellite screen will come up.  To establish a connection, go outside and wait about 30 seconds until you've established a connection.  Now you're ready to start.

2.  How to set waypoints:

Waypoints are points stored in the GPS as a latitude and longitude.  Once these points have been stored, you can use the GPS to find them.

Present Location -- Hold down on the Click Stick for two seconds to mark the current location as a waypoint.

A Different Location -- To manually enter a point, first hold down the Click Stick for two seconds to bring up the "Mark Waypoint" page.  Highlight the "Location" field by moving the Click Stick.  Press the Click Stick to bring up the on-screen keyboard.  Type in the coordinates (longitude and latitude), and press Goto to set those coordinates as a waypoint.

4.  Navigation to waypoints:

Once Goto has been pressed, the navigation screen will appear.  Take a few steps in any direction.  Notice your heading and distance changes.  Use the GPS like a compass: find the heading with the arrow pointing straight ahead (pointing up on the screen).