Careers in Bioinformatics

If you have an interest in analyzing or gathering large amounts of data, biology, genetics, researching, or even computer science, then you should consider a career in bioinformatics. To qualify for many of the positions available in this field, you will need at least a masters but preferably a Ph.D. in fields such as molecular biology or biochemistry.

Since this is a new and developing field, there are many new job opportunities in the work force.

Bioinformatics is not limited to biologists alone, though they do comprise a large part of the bioinformatics workforce; chemists, biochemists, and even phsyicists also make up a large part.

The science leans more and more toward quantitative analyses and computer skills; most of the scientists within bioinformatics are adept at computer programming and database use and the application and development of algorithms.

Some important things to know to succeed in this field include DNA sequencing, computer science, biology, and web page design.

Biologists should have some knowledge of computer science; computer specialists and information analysts should have knowledge of biology and lab procedures: knowledge of both how computers work and how life processes work is important.

Created by Wan-Shuan Cheng, Nicole Sosa, and Linda Evans: CVGS Class of 2003