Plotting a Drawing Using AutoCAD LT 2004

To plot (or print) a drawing, select "plot" from the file menu. Under the "Plot Device" tab, select the correct printer or plotter (as in example to right).

Then go to the "Plot Settings" tab and choose the correct paper size. When printing on a laser printer, the size should be "Letter (8.5" x 11")".

chosing a printer or plotter
using Plot Window to select plot area

For most drawings (ones that don't need to be plotted with a specific scale), you can select "Extents" under "Plot Area" and "Scaled to Fit" under "Plot Scale". This way, the drawing will take the maximum amount of paper.

If you wish to plot only part of your drawing you can choose "Window <" under "Plot Area" and select the area to plot (by drawing a box - shown by the red arrow to the left).

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