Senior Seminar

CAD Laboratory Guidelines


The CAD laboratory allows students to explore the realm of computer aided drafting. CAD has revolutionized the way products are designed and manufactured in the business world. The aircraft industry pioneered the early development of CAD systems because tremendous cost savings could be realized by drawing and modeling aircraft designs on the computer. Advances in the computer industry have been possible due to CAD. Microchips are so small that designing the via conventional drafting techniques was nearly impossible. CAD offered engineers the capability to design and manipulate circuits to small to be seen. CAD was eventually linked directly to the manufacturing process so that design changes made at the computer would be implemented immediately by the equipment making the product. Hence, the field of CAD/CAM was born where computers aided not only design functions but also manufacturing functions.

This lab is comprised of PCs using AutoCad LT for Windows and a laser printer. This is fairly sophisticated two dimensional drafting software. Students will be expected to learn and utilize functions that differentiate CAD software from drawing software.