Section 2

CVGS Bridge Project Specification

State Specification #2008-284778

All proposals for the CVGS Bridge Project shall meet the specifications as follows:

  1. All designs shall include supporting calculations, conceptual sketches of the bridge, a map of the proposed route, and a detailed cost breakdown.
  2. The route connecting the cities of Gotham and Emerald City over the James River shall be constructed of two lane roadway running north and south and east and west only. The route shall not travel diagonally between the cities. The route shall be determined by the contractor (see Figure 1 in Section 4).
  3. Road building costs shall be estimated at $25,000 per mile over normal earth land and $100, 000 per mile over swamp land.
  4. The bridge shall be designed to accommodate two lane traffic with a minimum load capacity of 100 pounds. The bridge shall be at least as long as the James River is wide at the crossing point.
  5. Bridge construction cost shall be estimated based on weight. A rate of $10,000 per gram should be used for all construction materials.
  6. Failure to meet the minimum load capacity will be a violation of the specification and will result in penalties of $40,000 per pound under the design load.
  7. For the purposes of this project, the following assumptions shall be made:
  8. The bridge shall be located at one of the three locations shown on Figure 1.

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