Desktop Publishing Newsletter Assignment

I have placed 3 articles for you to use in K:\Desktop. Your assignment is to layout the articles in a 2-page format, using 3 or more columns per page with the following specifications. Include a graphic you scanned. If the articles do not fill the full two pages you can add an additional item or two to complete the work, but usually they are more than enough. Choose a theme for this newsletter. The theme should be carried out in the main heading and article headings. It is not important what the text says it is just used to practice with an attractive layout.


  • Show appropriate use of the master page

  • Margins all around - .5"

  • full justification of text in all columns

  • Maximum of two graphic boxes with captions per page. Each not to exceed 2 columns in width.
  • Body of text to be either 10 or 11 point size, serif font.

  • All stories must have headings and bylines.

  • Headings should be bold sans serif font and bylines in an italicized serif font.

  • 2 pages

  • 3 or more columns per page

Save the work in the n:\srsem\desktop folder and turn in a printout of your newsletter when complete. Create an attractive layout!