Laura Woolley's GIS Project 

    I love coffee.  Because of my intense feelings for this caffeinated beverage, I decided to base my GIS project on the locations of the coffee shops in the Lynchburg area.  I went to six coffee shops: Starbucks in Barnes & Noble, Drowsy Poet in Chandler Mountain Station, Drowsy Poet in Given's Bookstore, The Mud Room, Joe Bean's Express Espresso, and the Daily Grind.  I obtained their precise location using a Global Positioning Unit - a very handy gadget - and I also found out their prices for a tall cappuccino and coffee.  I found out whether they were open on Sundays or not as well.  I couldn't find out the price of coffee and cappuccino at the Daily Grind because they have not opened yet.

    I used the data I gathered and shapefiles containing the major roads in the area and counties in Virginia to create a GIS in ArcView GIS 3.2a to show the locations of coffee shops.


    In case your interested, I compiled a table comparing prices of a tall coffee and tall cappuccino and whether a shop is open on Sunday.

Joe Bean's Drowsy Poet (Chandler Mtn.) Drowsy Poet (Given's) Starbucks (Barnes&Noble) Daily Grind Mud Room
Price of cappuccino $2.50 $2.20 $2.20 $2.55 - $2.40
Price of coffee $1.25 $1.13 $1.13 $1.40 - $1.30
Open Sunday? Yes No No Yes No No