For this project a GPS was used to gather the coordinates of four local rescue squads.
Demographic data was collected from each rescue squad about the number of life-saving vehicles, number of volunteers, captain, mailing address, phone number, and the average calls per year.
All data gathered was entered into ArcView GIS 3.2a, and an information system was created.
This geographic information system is designed so that when a star is clicked a table with that squad's data will appear on the screen!

Rescue Squad X-coord Y-coord Volunteers Avg calls/year Squad Captain Vehicles Phone Number Mailing Address
Campbell County Main 79.25038 37.33296 53 3000 Steve Coleman 9 434-239-0389 PO Box 4123 Lynchburg VA 24502
Rustburg Auxiliary Squad 79.10857 37.27081 30 900 Clay   Overholt 5 434-845-1256 PO Box 675 Lynchburg VA 24505
Lynchburg Life Saving Crew 79.19486 37.42018 40 14000 Grant L. Adzell 12 434-239-9566 PO Box 281 Rustburg VA 24588
Altavista Life Saving Crew 79.26950 37.12925 21 850 Wallace Witcher 5 434-369-4716 PO Box 1 Altavista VA 24571

~ Tara Wright 'o4