Guidelines for Literature Reviews

Incorporating reviews of related literature in the Senior Seminar Labs meets several objectives:

•  Develop library skills.
•  Exposure to scientific journals.
•  Incorporate the latest references pertaining to a subject.
•  Develop communication and writing skills by analyzing articles and succinctly summarizing the key points of the article in a literature review.

See the research literature review guidelines for proper format and examples of work: Annotative Bib Guidlines .


5 - Exemplary

•  Review written in correct format (typed, doubled-spaced, one inch margins, 12 point font, one paragraph per major concept, one page in length, correct article citation at top of page in APA format).
•  Article selected for review is from an appropriate professional journal or other appropriate resource that the technology instructor has approved.
•  Main points of article are summarized in paragraph form with no personal opinions included.
•  Copy of article attached to review.
•  CVGS pledge written and signed at bottom of page.

4 - Meets most criteria

•  Meets exemplary criteria except for incorrect article citation or minor errors in format or summary (grammar, spelling)

3 - Acceptable

•  Meets only 3 of the first 4 exemplary criteria.

2 - Below expected standards

•  Meets only 2 of the first 4 exemplary criteria.

1 - Unacceptable

• Meets only 1 of the first 4 exemplary criteria.

0 - No credit

•  Work has not been pledged or,
•  No review submitted for evaluation.

Note: One point per day will be deducted for late work. If the review is not turned in by the following Thursday it will receive zero credit.