1.  Eating, drinking, and the application of cosmetics in the laboratory are not permitted.

2.  Pipetting by mouth is never permitted. Use suction devices such as pipette fillers.

3.  Gloves and lab coats should be worn when working with all liquid radioisotopes.

4.  Before leaving the lab, wash your hands thoroughly then check for possible contamination with a survey instrument.

5.  All radioactive liquid wastes are to be poured into the liquid waste container, NEVER into a sink. Dispose of all solid waste in the solid waste container including paper towels used for absorbing liquid radioisotopes.

6.  Report ALL spills, wounds, or other emergencies to your instructor.

7.  Maintain good housekeeping at all times in the lab.

8.  Store radioactive materials only in the designated storage area. Do not remove sources from the lab.

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