Weekly Schedule

  • Create a group list of tasks robots do
  • Introduction & troubleshooting with Rhino
  • Practice with teach pendant
  • Create group program Rhino
  • Emergency procedures
  • Begin reading assignments, including info on this website
  • Create a small individual rhino program for skill checks
  • Find the Core Concepts link on the Lego Robot Resources web page. Read through all sections before next Friday.
  • 7:45 - Demo your individual Rhino programs
  • Introduction to Lego robots
  • Work in teams of two on the Getting Started activities for Lego robots.
  • Demo your robot when you complete Pilot Level 4.
  • Look for Lit. Review articles to read
  • First Literature Review due on arrival to class
  • Answer questions on handout and build lego robot
  • Demo Lego robot
  • Robot project assignments
  • Complete team project (if this is final Friday)
  • Run finished project for group
  • Turn in a listing of program with final project description including a photo of robot and/or setup
  • If there are 6 Fridays then continue working on project with a demo of tasks accomplished today.