Density  Slicing

You have a plate of bacteria, and your task is to count all the viable colonies.  Remember, the traditional way to count is by hand.  Relax!  Using the density slicing feature of NIH Image, you can count the number of colonies in a fraction of the time it would take you by hand.

Procedure (as detailed by CIPE) :

Turning density slicing on and off: Choose Options/Density Slice or double-click either the or the tool in the Tools window in NIH Image.

Adjusting the density slice: Drag the in the LUT window to stretch, squeeze, and slide the density slice.  Your plate should look something like the one here, with only the bacterial colonies highlighted in red.

Measurement: When you measure while density slicing is on, only the highlighted pixels are measured.  If the part of the image is selected, only the highlighted pixels within the selection are measured.

NIH Density Slicing Check List

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