Will  and  Mike's  Micro  Tips

  If you use the Spread Plate Method to inoculate your bacteria, it has been found that 10 µl of chemical / solution should be pipetted onto each plate for best results.  IMPORTANT: At most, pipette chemical onto TWO (2) plates before spreading them.  Otherwise, the agar chemical will seep into the agar before you get around to spreading the plates.


If your study requires solutions of different concentrations, do yourself a favor.  Rather than measuring out the substance to create each different concentration, make the solution of the highest concentration—this will be your stock concentration.  You can then dilute the stock concentration to create the other, lesser concentrations.  


For best results, always conduct multiple trials so data will be more accurate and it will be easier to determine any trends or patterns.


  Dispose of all plates, pipette tips, etc. in biohazard bags.


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